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Magnatone M20


This is the rarest version of the Magnatone suitcase series. The M20 was produced in 65', It had 2 EL34 tube amps and could do true stereo. It had 5 channels, the control panel is set up with 2 instrument, 2 mic, and a bass channel. One amp would run an instrument and a mic, the other amp the same, and the bass went through both amps, what a concept. The are no speakers in this amp, that's what's below.

Magnatone RS-2 Speaker


These are harder to find than the amps! After researching the M20, I started looking for matching speakers. I emailed the guy with the unofficial Magnatone site and asked where I could find a couple. He said, good luck, Magnatone only made a few M20s because of cost and most of those were given to artist for exposure. They made 2 versions of the speaker, a RS-4, 2-12" speakers (this one has Magnavox speakers), the RS-5 with a single !5" speaker. I actually found both Magantone cabinets from the same guy in Chicago, he brought them to the hotel we were staying when we played in Chicago..

Magnatone MP-4 


Here is a 66' MP-4 amp with 2-12" RS-12 cabinet. This line was the last of Magnatone tube amps. They were underpowered and expensive, 38 watt EL34 amp. The MP-5 is the same amp with effects, you had a choice of this cabinet or a RS-15 which was 5 ft tall with 2-15" speakers. It looked cool but under performed. Another cool feature is the control panel lights up, a cool feature in a dark bar, but a nightmare in the studio, it was noisy! In 68' Magnatone went transistor which pretty much was the end.

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