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Kustom amps were the brainchild of Bud Ross. I was fortunate to get to meet and talk to Bud several times.

He was thrilled that there was a club of Kustom collectors that are keeping his legacy alive. These are transistor amps, Bud used a stable design for the power amps and they are loud and reliable. He used quality parts and the cabinets are solid wood. He initially built these in his garage in Kansas City, then opened a factory in Chanute, KS. These are all 68'- 70' guitar, bass, and P.A. amps. There are 100s, 200s, and 400s. The RMS wattage was 1/2 the model number and the amp section was the same with a different preamp section, depending on the model. I had linch with Bud in KC about 6 months before he passed, he looked healthier than me, you just never know. I will add individual pics of some of these as well as some of the later models. I still use a K150-6 with 1-15" Altec 418B for gigs, sounds great and fairly bulletproof.

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