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Acoustic Control


Acoustic Control is the brainchild of Steve Marks, started in LA in the late 60's. One of my favorite photos was taken by Henry Diltz at the Hollywood Bowl. They lined the whole back of the stage with 260's and 360's.. Supposedly only a few were hooked up but was a showcase for the recently released amplifier line. Here is a pair of 270's, the next version after the 260. They were rated at 325 watts @ 2ohms. If you used 2 of these cabinets with Altec 418C 15" speakers and a horn, you could keep up with whatever amp was on stage.

I had an amp head, then found another head with 2 cabinets less than 5 miles from me, it was a sign.

Acoustic & Sunn.jpeg

Since I have them in the same room, I'll group them together for now. In addition to the 301 cabinet, 450 head and the early 150B Acoustics, here is a cross section of Sunn amps. Sunn amps were made initially in Portland, Oregon by the Sundholm brothers. Norm was bassist for The Kingsmen, who had the hit, "Louie Louie". Norm discovered his bass rig couldn't be heard so enlisted his brother to design a better bass amp. The amp components used were from David Hafler's Dynaco line, the cabinet was a 2-15' JBL horn design Conrad built which was game changing for bass players. Here are 2 Tube and 2 Transistor models. The 1200 is a 4 6550 tube monster, several verisions of the 6550 amp were made, the 1000, 1200, and 2000. The 1200 had reverb and tremolo. The Solarus is a 60 watt tube model, along with a 74' transistor Concert bass amp and 76' transistor Concert guitar amp. One cab is a 2-15" with JBL E140s, the other, a 6-10" Eminance speaks.

Acoustic 370


I wanted to add this shot with the 370 head, same amp as the 270 with no effects. This amp 18" folded horn cabinet replaced the legendary 360 series. One of the biggest differences was the 360 had the amp in the speaker cabinet and the head was a pre amp. The 370 amp was in the head, this allowed for the use of different cabinets. The 150B is their early bass amp, same amp as the famous 150 with no effects. This model was soon replaced with as the 140.

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