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Blackface Piggyback

65' Fender Tremolux


This Blackface AB763 Tremolux is slightly updated from the blond version, they look exactly then same. The amp is 35 watt with 2-10" Jensen reissue P10Qs. The amp came not working with black grill cloth. John Hawkins, who started North Coast music, specializing in Vox reproduction parts, gave me a piece of original Fender cloth. Jon Davidson worked his magic and it sounds great!

66' Fender Bassman


I won't call this a Holy Grail but is one of Fender's most popular amps for both guitar and bass. The bigger output transformer gave the AB165 Bassman enough kick where guitar could use this in louder bands. Thousands where produced and stayed inexpensive for years. It is still an affordable nice tube amp. This cabinet originally had blue C12N Jensens that I put in the blond cabinet and replaced with Oxford 12T6 speakers.

66' Fender Bandmaster


This is an early 65' AA763 Blackface Bandmaster, unlike the Tremolux, electronically it's identical to it's blond predecessor.

The speaker cabinet has 2-12" Oxford 12T6s. The Bandmaster started as a combo, originally it had a 15" speaker, in 57' the changed to 3-10" speakers. There was a small run of 3-10" brown combos but by 61', it was a piggyback covered in blond vinyl. Originally it had a tone ring cabinet but was changed to the 2-12" format in 62'.

66' Fender Showman


This 66' AB763 Showman has 4 6l6GC power tubes and produces 85 watts. This one has the 1-15" JBL D130f with the tone ring cabinet. It has a special baffling where the ring is mounted on another board with the openings are on the side.

This design produces a sound that has wider imaging than a normal infinite baffle cabinet. Fender supposedly found this design from Germany, used it in piggyback cabinets from 61'- 68'. The biggest limitation would been the use of 1 speaker vs. 2 to take the power load. I'm amazed more steel guitar players don't use, they will fill the whole room.

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