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Blackface Combos

64' Fender "Tuxedo" Princeton


This is a transistional amp from Fender, even though it has the newer black vinyl and grill cloth, it has the same electronics as the 6G2 brown Princeton. This is a 12 watt amp with a replaced 10" Jensen. While Fender changed the circuitry on most amps in 63', the Princeton and Bassman weren't changed till Aug & Sept in 64'. The visible difference is the knobs, the early ones are white barrel while the newer amps had black skirted knobs. Countless recordings have been made with the 6G2 Princeton.

64' Fender Pro


This is the last version of the single 15" speaker Pro. This one was a project. When acquired, it didn't work and had black grill cloth. My amp tech for 25 yrs, Jon Davidson went through it changed a few parts and told me it had Blues Deville output transformer, which is listed as the correct replacement. I installed NOS Phillips small bottle 6L6GC power tubes and a JBL K130 in it, oh my, sounds tremendous with anything. I did a fiddle gig with it and it blew me away. Very similar to the Vibroverb only without reverb.

67' Fender Pro Reverb


Here is version that replaced the 1-15" speaker Pro. This model was introduced in 65' and was one of the last Leo designs. This one is special because it purchased for me by my boss, Garth Brooks at a Garth shopping spree at Guitar Center in Houston in 98'. Great sounding amp. It has 2-12" speakers. 

66' Fender Twin Reverb


64' Fender Deluxe


Here is the next version of the Fender Deluxe. Some people consider the early Blackface amps AA763 as the pinnacle of Fender amps. The power is up to 22 watts through a single 12" speaker, this one has an early JBL D120f.  The Deluxe was discontinued in 66' after the Deluxe Reverb was introduced in 64'. It has become one of Fenders most popular amps of all times.

64' Fender Vibroverb


Here is another Fender Holy Grail amplifier. The Vibroverb was Fender's 1st amp with built in reverb, this is the second version made from late 63' to mid 64' so not many were made. This was the favorite of Stevie Ray Vaughn although it was legendary before he started to use one. They have a larger output transformer which gives it a solid 50 watts through a JBL D130f, which is original to the amp. This speaker has it's original cone. I am very fortunate to have found one of these in this condition.

63' Fender Concert


This is 2nd and last version of the Concert that would be replaced by the Super Reverb. This an early AA763 Blackface with 63' Oxford 10K5 speakers. This was another basket case Jon Davidson repaired while I replaced the grill cloth. Strong 4-10" Fender amp.

The Twin Reverb is Fender's flagship combo amp with 2-12" Jensen C12N speakers and 85 watts of power.

The Twin line started in 53', the higher power version was released in 57'. The high power Tweed Twins are highly sought after and can bring in excess of $20,000. The 60'- 63' version broke the mold by having blond instead of brown Tolex. Reverb was added in 64' when the Blackface line was released. Twins are one of the most popular amps ever sold and have been reissued. A timeless design still being sold today.

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