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David Lee Graham

4/5/53 - 7/9/19

While I was building this site, I had to reflect on my first Gantamps site I built in 99'. I had decided to go into IT after Garth retired and David was helping me. He had a copy Claris Homepage and tutored me enough to get started. I set in his home office most of the weekend, with CDs full of pictures, and put the site together. We lost David July 9th this year, he was 66. I met David at a dance at ECU in Ada, Ok after a football game where  his band "April" was playing. I was blown away, they played Beatles, King Crimson, and of course, Yes. David sang all the high Jon Anderson vocal parts and played the Chris Squire bass parts with ease. I hung out till they were done and introduced myself. I was working on the Promenade from Pictures at and Exhibition for my college piano lessons. Emerson Lake and Palmer had done their version of this live and released an album of the show. I told David I was a keyboard player and loved and played everything they were playing. He was a little apprehensive, like, oh yeah right, you can play Moussorgsky, so I set down at a grand piano backstage and played it for him. We became friends. After college, David moved to LA to pursue music. He started working with Apple stuff at Sun computers and his career direction changed to IT. David was a huge help to me when he let me stay with him in Cerritos, Ca till I got a gig and got on my feet. I will be forever indebted.

                                                          Rest in peace David.


Garth opry.jpeg

Garth Brooks at the Grand Old Orpy

Gantamps is a site I built to host my amp collection. I've been interested in amps since I was a kid. I would watch live music TV shows just to see what kind of amps were being used. I started playing combo organ in 69', (whew, 50 yrs ago, how did that happen!). I just kept playing and in 89', was fortunate enough to get hired by Garth Brooks. After the break to raise his children, he's back touring, so I'm back touring. During an earlier break, I was writing and doing some demos. I decided I needed a guitar amp, bought a 73' Bassman 10, and somehow collecting started. I started collecting amps I either had at one time or wanted. Then I had to get the other models, then the other colors, you get the idea.......

All of these amps have a significant place in amp history, I hope you enjoy them as much as I have. I have more brands and models to share, I just wanted to get gantamps up and running. It got to where I couldn't access my old site so I let it go. 

Thanks  David

All the Fender amps are in recording condition. Jon Davidson has been my tech for 25yrs. is the best way to reach Jon.

Explore Ada  Dave Gant

In 2015, 6 months after the Garth Arena Tour started, my longtime friend Bronson Warren, suggested to the crew at Explore Ada to do a segment on me. Will Boggs and Mark Bratcher did a wonderful job! Here is a link to the video, enjoy!

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